Conditions of Carriage

Conditions of Carriage

Pelican Airlines passengers fly subject to the ticket fare rules, these terms, and the laws of the Commonwealth, States and Territories. These conditions apply to all flights operated by Pelican Airlines Pty Ltd.

When flying within Australia, Pelican Airlines is subject to the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), the Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act 1959 (Cth) and applicable State and Territory legislation, liability is limited as follows:

In respect of the death or injury of any passenger - $725,000.00
In respect of checked baggage - $1,600.00 per passenger
In respect of carry on baggage - $160.00 per passenger
such other sums as may be prescribed by applicable legislation for the time being in force
Limits of liability:

Payments accepted by the company in respect of a ticket are subject to the fare rules applicable to the category of ticket purchased
the company will not be liable to the purchaser, the passenger, or to any other person for costs or losses resulting from diversion, substitution, alteration, cancellation or delay, or from loss or delay of baggage.
The company will not be liable for consequential or other loss of any kind, arising directly or indirectly from negligence or any act or omission or any other cause in connection with provision or non-provision of carriage or any transport or service and
the company will not be liable for inaccuracy in any information concerning transport, services or their pricing whether referred to in the ticket or any other document.

Please refer to the table below for information regarding the carriage of Infants and Children on Pelican Airlines flights.

Infants (0 - 24 months)
Child (2 - 11 years inclusive)
Adolescent (12 - 16 years inclusive)
Infants travel free of charge on Pelican Airlines flights, however when booking you will still need to specify the number of infants travelling with you.

When travelling with infants (0-24 mths) they must be carried in the arms or on the lap of an adult travelling companion. Each infant travelling will require one adult per infant.
Children aged from 2 years to 11 years (inclusive) travelling with Pelican Airlines must occupy a seat with their own ticket.

Children aged from 2 years to 4 years (inclusive) must be travelling in the company of a supervising adult travelling companion.

Children aged from 5 years to 11 years (inclusive) may be permitted to travel as an unaccompanied minor in accordance with condition 3.1 below.
Adolescent children aged from 12 years to 16 years (inclusive) are permitted to travel alone. Proof of age and identification required at check-in.

Pelican Airlines will accept Unaccompanied Minors for travel in accordance with the policy and procedures outlined on our Unaccompanied Minors page.


The following baggage allowances, which are all-inclusive of both checked-in baggage and carry on baggage, apply:

Pelican Saver (N/O/L SAVER): 20kg
Pelican Local (LOCAL): 20kg
Pelican Flyer (VFLYER): 20kg
Pelican Corporate (BCORP): 23kg
Pelican Flexible (YFLEX): 23kg
For International connecting passengers on the following flights: Newcastle-Sydney, Sydney-Newcastle, Mudgee-Sydney, Sydney-Mudgee, an additional 10kgs luggage is permitted upon presentation of a valid International itinerary within 24 hours of your FlyPelican flight. This applies to all of the above fares.

Additional baggage may be carried (subject to load limitations*), however, excess baggage fees will apply to baggage carried above the passenger's baggage allowance. The current excess baggage fees are:

Prepaid via the FlyPelican website 5kg for AUD$25 (inclusive of GST)
Prepaid via the FlyPelican website 10kg for AUD$40 (inclusive of GST)
Prepaid via the FlyPelican website 15kg for AUD$55 (inclusive of GST)
Prepaid via the FlyPelican website 20kg for AUD$65 (inclusive of GST)
At check-in AUD$7.70 (inclusive of GST) per KG
If meteorological conditions or operational requirements dictate, it may be necessary to restrict passenger's baggage allowances to your inclusive baggage allowance based on your fare. FlyPelican will endeavour to place your baggage on the next available flight.


Carry on baggage needs to be able to be placed under the seats. Items must not exceed the following dimensions: Length: 32cm, Height: 20cm and Width: 18cm and a maximum of 4kg.

Carry on baggage that exceeds these dimensions may be hand carried to the aircraft. The maximum weight limit for this baggage is 7kg for one piece or 10kg for two pieces. The bag will be stowed in the aircraft baggage hold and will be made available on arrival at destination.

All fare classes: Carry on baggage will be considered part of the overall baggage allowance of either 20kg or 23kg.


Each piece of baggage must not exceed the following weight and dimensions;

Maximum weight of any one item must not exceed 32 kg.
Square or rectangular objects: Length: 750mm, Width: 450mm and Height: 500mm
Elongated objects: Length: 1580mm, Width: 550mm and Height: 230mm
Refer to item 8 for surfboards and oversize baggage.


In addition to the allowable limit FlyPelican will also carry the following items with no additional charge:

Infant and child car seats, personal mobility devices such as a wheelchair, crutches and walking frame provided the passenger is dependent on them.

An infant has a complimentary 7kgs allowance to cater for baby accessories such as a pram and portable cot. Any additional items or if this weight limit is exceed, excess baggage will be charged.


Golf clubs, surfboards, snowboards/skis, other sporting equipment and musical instruments can be carried as part of your baggage allowance. All oversize baggage must be sufficiently packaged and protected for air travel. FlyPelican will not be held liable for any damage that may be caused to oversize baggage, it is recommended that independent insurance is sought prior to carrying any oversize baggage.

Pelican Airlines should be notified when any oversized baggage is expected to be carried. At the time of booking, passengers are to email the details of their oversized baggage to

In consideration of aircraft capacity limitations and other factors, oversize baggage items may be unable to be carried. Pelican Airlines reserves the right to refuse the carriage of these items at the time of the flight.

Surfboards may be carried provided they do not exceed Length: 2200mm, Width: 550mm and Height 230mm. Fins must be removed if possible.


Civil Aviation Regulations place restrictions on some personal items that, when transported by air, can put people’s health, safety or property at risk – commonly referred to as Dangerous Goods.

Please refer to our Dangerous Goods page.

If you need more information on dangerous goods carriage please refer to the CASA website You may also ask our check-in staff if you have any questions.


Claims for baggage damaged or lost due to negligence on the part of Pelican Airlines must be reported within 24 hours of the flight arrival at the destination. Claims reported after 24 hours will not be accepted.

For baggage misplaced after 24 hours, Pelican Airlines will reimburse for essential items such as toiletries, underwear and socks. Evidence of these purchases are to be emailed to Pelican Airlines for reimbursement purposes to begin within 72 hours of the item being misplaced.

All claims must be submitted to Pelican Airlines staff at the destination airport, using specific claim forms provided by Pelican Airlines. The damaged baggage must be sighted by a Pelican Airlines staff member with the baggage tag still attached.

Please note we recommend all essential items such as car/house keys, wallets, phones, medications and important documents are packed in CARRY ON luggage. 

Pelican Airlines is not liable for damage to baggage where damage is the result of normal wear and tear (this includes, and is not limited to, scrapes, scratches, damaged handles and wheels). The company is also not liable for damage to straps, handles and other items not part of the baggage structure, overweight items labelled with heavy tags, and baggage if baggage weight exceeds the maximum weight specifications of the manufacturer. Where the manufacturer’s specifications are unavailable the weight limit applied will be 25kgs.

Pelican Airlines accepts no liability whatsoever for loss of or damage to any baggage resulting from the inherent defect quality or vice of goods carried or for loss of or damage to registered baggage not collected by the passenger within a period of twelve hours after the arrival of the aircraft at destination.

Except as provided for under the Law, Pelican Airlines is not liable for loss or damage to, or delay in the delivery of the following goods:

jewellery and precious metals
perishable articles
fragile articles
business documents
wallets and purses containing identification and banking cards
handbags and contents
mobile telephones
household and car keys
other valuables
two or more items strapped/taped/tied together (items must be checked in individually)

Personal and baggage insurance is recommended.


You must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, orders and notifications in force relating to air transport and all conditions and instructions of Pelican Airlines.

Passengers shall:

Comply with the applicable laws of the Commonwealth, States and Territories and these Conditions of Carriage
Be responsible for any damage or loss occasioned by his/her failure to comply
Not take into the aircraft or include in his/her baggage or goods any items classified as a Dangerous Good
Shall not, while on board the aircraft, consume any intoxicating beverage, unless provided by FlyPelican
For your safety and the safety and convenience of others, you must comply with all lawful instructions issued by a Pelican Airlines crew member or delegate of the airline.

When on board:

Seat belts must be fastened when seated;
Passengers must remain seated when directed particularly while the aircraft is moving on the tarmac;
Electronic devices that may interfere with the flight must not be operated;
Smoking is prohibited;
Infant and child restraints must be used as directed; and
Passengers must generally behave in a manner to which other passengers may not reasonably object.

Your ticket price may include government and other taxes, charges and fees which are imposed by other entities including government authorities and airport operators. These taxes, charges and fees may constitute a significant portion of the cost of your total fare.


All tickets are issued subject to general conditions of contract and to the terms and conditions of carriage.

Specific fare rules then apply to the ticket and vary depending on the type of ticket purchased. Click here for the table that lists the current fares rules for each ticket type that are refundable and/or changeable. Refunds will only be applicable to these fares.

Please ensure you are fully aware of the specific terms and conditions applying to your ticket before purchase.

For flight bookings and administration fee charges, a credit card surcharge fee applies. The current credit card surcharge fee rate applied to the credit card transaction varies depending on the type of card being used.

The current credit card surcharge rates, which applies to the value of the transaction are:

Mastercard 1.6%
Visa 1.6%
American Express 3.3%
Diners 3.3%

An administration fee will be charged in accordance with the fare rules, as specified in the table below. The credit card surcharge will apply to the administration fee.

An administration fee of AUD$33 (inclusive of GST). also applies to any bookings which are made by telephone (02) 4965 0111. No administrative charges apply when booking online via

Passengers who fail to complete check in formalities prior to 30 minutes before scheduled flight departure time will be considered a 'No-Show'. This will result in their seat and ticketed fare being forfeited.


Whether or not your airfare is refundable, if you do not use your Ticket, you may be entitled to claim a refund of certain charges and taxes which you have paid, except for any we have had to pay to third parties even though you have not travelled. We may deduct a reasonable administration fee. If the fee exceeds the amount of the refund, no refund will be paid.


(a) Any refund will be paid to the person who paid for the Ticket, unless that person has authorised us in writing to pay the refund to someone else.

(b) We will pay the refund in the same way and in the same currency used to pay for the Ticket, unless the fare rules provide otherwise or we agree otherwise.

(c) If the person who paid for the Ticket is not the Passenger, we will not provide a refund without the Passenger's written consent, unless the Passenger is under 18 or the fare rules provide otherwise.


Unless an applicable law says otherwise, we may refuse to provide a refund of taxes if it is requested 30 days or more after the ticket cancellation date or the ticket’s travel date.


Some fares can be placed on hold (subject to airfare conditions) with the applicable flight change fee per person per sector for a 6 month duration. Advance notification is required as per fare rules. All original fare conditions and original fare rules apply.

Re-booking is subject availability. Re-booking must be confirmed via phone with Customer Service 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Any tickets to be placed on hold will incur the Booking Management Fee of AUD $66.00 per passenger.


If a ticket has been upgraded from a non-refundable fare class, only the amount paid for the upgrade (ie. A fare difference between the original fare and the flexible fare class) will be refunded or credited less the applicable refund administration fee.

The non-refundable fare value always remains non-refundable.


If you booked through a travel agent or another third party website, you will need to contact them directly to cancel or make any changes.

If your booking was made through our website at you are able to make changes on-line through Manage My Booking or by contacting our Customer Service team during business hours. Please see fare rules above. If you are unable to travel on your FlyPelican flight due to Government Enforced Restrictions, you will be offered a credit to the value of your booking.

If your connecting domestic or international flight is affected by Government Enforced Restrictions, you will also be offered a credit. Please note; evidence of your connecting flight may be requested.

All fares purchased as refundable at the time of booking can be refunded.


We will notify customers if there are any changes to upcoming flights and advise of options. These may include moving to an alternative service, a credit or a refund. Please note, you may be eligible for a refund on a non-refundable ticket, if your flight has been cancelled due to events within our control, and you have not been provided an alternative flight OR if you have been provided an alternative flight departing on a different calendar day and this is not suitable.

Pelican Airlines is not liable for any additional expenses incurred due to a schedule change or cancellation of a Pelican Airlines operated flight.


This Upgrade is a Third Party Product by Protect Group. View Protect Group’s full terms and conditions before selecting this option:

Protect Group Terms & Conditions

When an upgrade to a refundable booking is selected, in the event of a qualifying and approved reason these refunds are provided and administered by Protect Group, these refunds are completed via a secure online refund form which enable Protect Group to process refunds directly. 


We will notify customers (or third party travel agents if applicable) if there are any changes to upcoming flights and advise options. If your flight is affected by a schedule change and alternative flights or new departure times are on the same calendar day and are not suitable, a free of charge credit or free of charge date change will be offered. You are only eligible for a refund on Non Refundable fares if we cannot provide an alternative flight on the same calendar day. 

Pelican Airlines is not liable for any additional expenses incurred due to a schedule change or cancellation of a Pelican Airlines operated flight.


Pelican Airlines require advanced notice of passengers travelling with a disability or requiring special assistance, and in some circumstances passengers with disabilities may need to check-in earlier or travel with a personal carer. If you require special assistance please contact Pelican Airlines before making a booking.

We currently cater for the following Special Requirements:

Oxygen and breathing aids
Companions and Passenger Facilitators
Assistance animals*
Pregnant passengers
Baby on Board
Child and adult harnesses
Firearms - requires 48hrs prior notice*
Musical instruments

*Subject to approval. 

Passengers are required to ascend and descend the aircraft stairs. Due to the aircraft design an access ramp or passenger lift device is unable to be used. Wheelchair assistance is available between the terminal and the aircraft on request.

Passengers travelling with a disability or requiring special assistance should contact FlyPelican before making a booking so we can assist with the passengers travel requirements. 


In order to ensure on-time departures every passenger should complete check-in formalities at least 45 minutes and no later than 30 minutes before departure.  Failure to check-in within the designated times may result in you being refused carriage on Pelican Airlines

Check-in will close strictly 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Photo identification and a copy of your itinerary are required at the time of check-in.

For group travel bookings, groups are advised to present to check-in 60 minutes before departure.


Pelican Airlines assumes no responsibility for making connections between or with the flight it offers and the flights of other airlines or any other form of transport.

Passengers connecting from another airline's flight onto a Pelican Airlines service are advised to allow a minimum of 2 hours connecting time for domestic flights and a minimum of 4 hours for international flights.

Passengers connecting from a Pelican Airlines flight onto another airline's service are advised to refer to the individual carrier's checkin requirements/minimum connecting times.

Pelican Airlines is not liable for any additional expenses incurred due to a schedule change or cancellation of a Pelican Airlines operated flight.


For safety reasons there is a very small possibility that you may be diverted to an airport other than the original destination. Pelican Airlines will not be liable for any consequential loss, damage, or expenses of any kind arising from such carriage or delay.

Pelican Airlines may need to cancel, or delay and reschedule flights or services due to unsuitable weather conditions, industrial action, technical problems, operational reasons or any event beyond our reasonable control. To the extent permitted by applicable laws Pelican Airlines will not be liable for any losses you may incur as a result of a cancellation, or delay of a flight. Pelican Airlines may, without notice, substitute other means of transport or service suppliers.

These Conditions of Carriage apply to any substituted or altered means of transport or service suppliers.


If, in the opinion of Pelican Airlines or its agents, you are in breach of the Conditions of Carriage or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or it is necessary for the safety, comfort or security of other passengers or the protection of property, Pelican Airlines reserves the right to refuse you carriage and may deny you boarding or require you to leave the aircraft or other means of transport, and may if necessary, physically remove you from the aircraft or other means of transport or physically restrain you.

It is a criminal offence not to act as instructed by the aircraft crew once you have passed through a boarding gate.


If you have any concern as to your well-being in flight, Pelican Airlines recommends that you consult your doctor before travel and follow the health advice provided by your doctor. In particular, pregnant passengers are encouraged to consult their doctors particularly where there is a complicated pregnancy.

Pelican Airlines will not be liable for any illness, injury or death of any person, including (without limitation) any illness, disability or personal injury to, or death caused or aggravated by your air travel with us where travel posed a risk to you due to your age, physical or mental condition.

Pregnant Passengers:
The following applies for all FlyPelican flights:

A Medical Certificate from a registered doctor or registered Midwife, dated no more than 10 days prior to travel, is required for the following:

Single pregnancy - beyond the 36th week of pregnancy
Multiple pregnancy – beyond the 28th week of pregnancy
Complicated or high risk pregnancy – at any stage of the pregnancy
The certificate must state:

Estimated date of delivery
Whether it is a single or multiple delivery
That there are no complications with the pregnancy
That they are fit for travel

FlyPelican cannot guarantee an allergy free environment on board our aircraft. If you require special assistance to manage your allergy whilst on board (for example, boarding the plane early to disinfect seats, tray tables and the like), please contact us (02) 4965 0111 or email and we will endeavor to accommodate your needs where possible. 

Food and beverages offered as part of our services may contain allergens. 

FlyPelican cannot prevent other Passengers from bringing food that contains allergens on board the aircraft, or from consuming food containing allergens whilst in flight. 

For Passengers aware of an allergy requiring the use of an EpiPen, FlyPelican asks that Passengers keep the EpiPen on their person whilst travelling, and advise the FlyPelican staff member at check in. 


Pelican Airlines, government or airport officials may require you to submit to clothing and body searches, or require you to submit your baggage to searches or inspections, and search or inspect your baggage with or without you present.


In accordance with Civil Aviation Regulations, smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted on any Pelican Airlines aircraft or in any airport terminal.