Special Assistance

How can we help you?

FlyPelican welcomes all customers including, but not limited to, the elderly and those with disabilities and or medical requirements.

Whether you need help with managing longer distances or you’re travelling with your own mobility aid, we can provide assistance with getting to the aircraft, boarding and disembarking the aircraft or getting to your seat. This includes providing wheelchair assistance.

Please note, even though we are able to provide a helping hand during boarding, all passengers must be able to climb the six steps into the aircraft to travel. Our aircraft type does not accomodate passenger lifts. 

We understand from time to time, our customers may require different types of assistance when travelling. Some situations may require pre approval from our FlyPelican Operations Team to ensure the safety of our valued customers. In such situations, an approval number will be provided to facilitate a safe and efficient process on your travel day.

If an approval number has not been obtained at least 2 working days prior to travel, uplift on your selected flight is not guaranteed.

Please complete the below request form.

Special Assistance Request