Private Charter Flights

Private Charter Flights

Need to get to multiple destinations in a day or just simply hate the long check in process in airports? Private Charter Flights are your solution. Businesses and individuals have certain needs when it comes to travel and transportation. You no longer have to struggle to ensure that your personnel and equipment get to their destination quickly and safely. Servicing the air charter needs of Sydney, Newcastle, New South Wales and beyond, FlyPelican has you covered with charter packages to meet your specific needs.

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Private Charters for Corporate Businesses

Private Charter Flights are a popular travel choice amongst successful businesses and individuals for a variety of reasons. Specifically, private jet charters for corporate clients can be very effective and economical for business travel. Private jet hire allows executives, senior management, and key personnel to adhere to strict schedules and attend numerous meetings in different cities or complete multiple site visits in a single day. While most are familiar with the time-saving convenience, flexibility, and premium experience of flying in private charters, the convenience of not having check-in procedures that you do with a  commercial airline can cut travel time by several hours, increase productivity, and lessen travel-related stress. Additionally, private charter flights offer added reliability for busy client schedules, commercial flights are often cancelled for a variety of reasons and often without notice. With charter flights you are sure to have a designated flight on time. 

Private Charters for Groups & Leisure

You can travel in luxury, comfort, and privacy by hiring a private jet for leisure travel with your family and friends. We can assist you in selecting from a wide range of well-liked private jets to transport you and your loved ones to your destination in comfort and with the least amount of hassle, whether it's a quick flight for a weekend away or a two-week vacation. You can also skip the commotion of crowded airports and lines for security with access to private terminals, arriving relaxed, refreshed, and prepared to make the most of your next adventure.

Aircraft charter is not just for business. If you're travelling with a large group such as a skiing trip, tour group or seasonal footy trip an aircraft charter may offer an affordable and more flexible alternative to traditional transport options.

When you take into account the expenses and hassles associated with airline flights, such as:

  • travel costs and time to/from the major airports
  • parking fees
  • long check-in and security queue
  • delayed flights
  • not being seated with your travelling companions
  • luggage restrictions etc

Sharing the cost of a charter flight with your group may be cheaper than you think!

Private Charters for FIFO workers (Fly in, Fly Out)

Several businesses, including the mining and other resource sectors, frequently have significant capital and operating expenses and are located in remote areas. Long distance travel for business purposes is frequently done via expensive commercial land transportation. Booking a charter flight is a convenient and economical alternative. FlyPelican is committed to servicing FIFO charters for the needs of the mining, energy and resources sector through the provisioning of safe, reliable and efficient air charter transport solutions. We understand the importance of being able to move personnel safely and quickly to remote sites. Whether it's workers on FIFO rotations, site visits for executives or business partners, or emergency response crews, FlyPelican have the resources and experience to meet your needs.

We specialise in getting into and out of regional airstrips as safely and as cost effectively as possible. We do this by tailoring solutions to meet your direct and specific requirements and can provide charter services on a contracted or ad-hoc basis.

Our aircraft are able to operate into and out of regional airports servicing mining communities, such as Bourke, Cobar, Narrabri and Orange. 

Charter Flights Newcastle

FlyPelican is your best option for private charters in Newcastle and New South Wales. With several years in the industry, a private charter can be customised to meet your requirements. Offering competitive rates for corporate and private charter groups, explore the benefits that aircraft charter has to offer.

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